Friday, 23 August 2013

Green Hill Zone. Act 1

the other day I was reminded of the original sonic the hedgehog. It's a game that really stands the test of time and as a fan I thought I'd play around with some of the original sprites and see what I get. so I used the green hill palm and sunflower and mapped the key points in illustrator so i got crisp vector version of the original designs. Then I went in 2 different directions. 

The one in the middle is the just the vector points coloured in to get that distinctive geometric look and in the more complicated version on the top I Tried to map out the curves and shapes implied in the design for a more smooth flowing graphic. I love how they came out so I thought I'd put them up here and share them with any Sonic fans out there.
 The smoothed rounded version of the vectored palm and sunflower

 And the more retro palm and sunflower based on the original sprites

the original sprites as they were in the original game

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